Gold Goons

Gold Goons


Full video: Gold Goons

The Goons have escaped from the asylum and are now invading the streets. Witness the chaos and destruction that’s unleashed by these unruly masked men in the new full-length video from Gold.



Rodrigo TX
Shmatty Chaffin
Chris Troy
Tiago Lemos
Carlos Iqui
Boo Johnson
Kellen James
Rodrigo Petersen
Ryan Gallant
Spencer Hamilton
Jabari Pendleton
Kenny Hoyle
Jermaine Wright
Matt Miller
Eli Reed
Will Fyock
Kelly Hart
Emmet Duffy
Jack Curtin
Derrick Wilson
Marcus McBride
Josh Kalis
Wade Desarmo
Lenny Rivas
Darrell Stanton
Travis Glover
Dane Vaughn
Dwayne Fagundes
Marquise Henry
Jeremy Murray
Jason Wussler
Diego Garcez
Anthony Williams
Danny Hammaguchi
Woogie Jackson
Adam Taylor
Hakeem Ducksworth


Eli Soto
Brad Rosado
Matt Daughters


The Kayo Corp

Released: 2015
© 2015 The Kayo Corp, All Rights Reserved.

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