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2020 - New Skateboarding Videos Online Everyday

How to Skateboard | Basics – Tactics | Tactics Boardshop

Tactics Boardshop - Ready to try skateboarding? This quick skateboarding tutorial will take you through all the basic fundamentals of skateboarding. We'll give you tips & tricks to help you determine your stance, push and ride, turn and stop, ride over cracks and curbs, and finally how to throw down your board to get started with some speed. Let's go skate! Watch more How-To Trick Tips from Tactics Boardshop: Watch more Skateboarding How-To videos from Tactics Boardshop: Like, follow, and stay up to date with Tactics... Shop - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Blog - Intro: 00:00 Determining your Stance: 00:21 Where to Learn to Skate: 1:29 Riding Posture: 2:02 Pushing: 2:22 Riding: 2:59 Stopping: 3:57 Turning: 4:13 Kick Turns: 4:33 Avoiding Obstacles: 5:21 Throwing Down Your Board: 6:42 Conclusion: 7:26 SeeUSoon by Jahzzar is licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike License. Based on a work at Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at or contact artist via email.
2020 - New Skateboarding Videos Online Everyday

Auby Taylor Vs. Hollywood 16 | DeadPixelProductions

DeadPixelProductions - Filming & Editing: Ilja Maran Featuring: Auby Taylor Instagram: Vimeo: Blogspot: Facebook:
2020 - New Skateboarding Videos Online Everyday

Genaro Lozano tell us how he uses his voice during Pride⎜Levi’s®...

Levi's® - Por décadas, hemos contribuido a la lucha por la inclusión y el apoyo a la comunidad LGBTTTI+. El activista Genaro Lozano, nos inspira a usar nuestra voz y marcar la diferencia en la lucha por la equidad. #LevisPride
2020 - New Skateboarding Videos Online Everyday


vhsmag - Filmed, edited and music produced by STONE'D. Released in 2004, check out Hikarigaoka and Shitamachi connection. 撮影・編集・BGMをSTONE’Dが担当。 光が丘&下町コネクション(2004年作品)。
2020 - New Skateboarding Videos Online Everyday


Antiz Skateboards - Antiz short movie coming soon... Starring: Samu Karvonen, Thanos Panou, Roland Hirsch, Peter Molec, Michel Mahringer, Pepe Tirelli, Yeelen Moens, Sam Partaix, Robin Bolliant, Gabriel Engelke, Julien Bachelier, Teemu Pirinen and Uryan Raudet. @antiz_skateboards
2020 - New Skateboarding Videos Online Everyday

Hall Of Meat: John Shanahan | ThrasherMagazine

ThrasherMagazine - The stick-and-pitch would’ve been bad enough but the bike rack adds insult to injury. Get your fix of schadenfreude. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here: