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Hazer Baba / Birth, The Outta Mind / Miss The Sun, Balki Bagazh / Drowsy Maggie, A Dogs Revenge / Broken Promises, The Monsters / Drug Train

Additional Footage
Chahida Rezgueni, Silvan Zweifel, Elmar Schmid

Felix Biehler


Festival Heros
Michi, Andri, Nadja, Esthi, Reha, Eisprung, Edi, Flo, Jasi, Vero, Fla, Kim, Lukas, Manuela, Jere, Joel, Julia, Hanna, Karima, Sven, Mike, Sandro, Hüppi, Mikkel, Gianluca, Döm, Hanes, Dunja, Marisa, Kat, Selina, Ava, Mari, Curdin, Micha, Curdin, Elia, Meret, Raff, Jovi, Nana, Nadja, Domi, Sämi, Claudio, Silvan, Thomas, Sacha, Ron, Joris, Säm, Dani, Zari, Mara, Paul, Dillon, Naya, Fleurance, Hannah, Lisa, Sahra, Roxy, Sonja, Micha, Maurin, Moira, Delia, Dave, Anna, Sämi, Silvan, Smu, Giulia, Remo, Alex

Cast: That Noise Magazine

Beton Chilbi Chronicles - That Noise Magazine

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