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Source: SteakMafia

La Fine Equipe - PARALLAX - SteakMafia

Short edit featuring Luc Ramos, Simon Perrottet, Mikael Lewertoff, Jason Singer, Gabriel Zufferey, Jonas Duclos, Guillaume Berthet, Kevin Deschamps, Thibaud Humbert, Jordan Queijo, Nabil Slimani, Manny Hernandez, Ugo Mighali, Luc Boimond, Chris Thevenot, Marcus Bruggmann, Florian Byrne-Sutton, Stefan Brodard, Antoine Poupin, Guillaume Zwaan, Jalil Sommerhalder and Marcel Ricci.

Filmed and edited by David Goldsworthy.

Additionnal filming by Jordan Queijo.

Cast: SteakMafia

Tags: og2000, lfe, geneve and skate

La Fine Equipe - PARALLAX - SteakMafia

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