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  • Doodah

“$poiled” – The first Trailer for the upcoming full length skateboard film straight out of Zug

Filmed and edited by Nino Bieri

Cast: doodah


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Cool Green Water - Doodah

Cool Green Water – Doodah

Doodah – The valley of Verzasca is a beautiful biosphere hidden in southern part of Switzerland, embedded in the mountains with tempting pools of luminous green. Hooked on secluded spots, remote villages and spectacular damms, we packed Chris Rediger, Timmey Krauer and Samuel Aebi together with photographer Filip Zuan and filmer Christian Taro in a Rustico at the end of the Valley and let the magic happen. From befriending goats to how to safely cross a river, no stone was left unturned to find some truly exotic skateboard spots Skateboarding: Timmey Krauer Christoph Rediger Samuel Aebi Photography: Filip @filipzuan Filming and Editing: Christian @taro.tornado Music: Frank Powers A flock of good folks // Free @frankpowers.musicCast: doodahTags: Skateboarding, Skateboard, Verzasca, Switzerland, Verzasca Valley, Christian Taro, Filip Zuan, Timmey Krauer, Christoph Rediger and Verzasca Damm
ZugSPORTS Miniramp Session - Doodah

ZugSPORTS Miniramp Session – Doodah

Doodah – Filmed and edited by Nino BieriCast: doodahTags: Session, Skateboarding, Zug and Miniramp

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