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Source: Dario Ju

Rasende Wut 2.0 Short Trailer (2017) - Dario Ju

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Global Game of Skate 2018 - Dario Ju

Global Game of Skate 2018 – Dario Ju

Dario Ju – SUBSCRIBE: Trying to connect skaters all around the world to play the biggest GAME OF S.K.A.T.E ever Only with your help we be able to take off! 10’000 Subscribers is all we need right now. We set this goal because we want skaters all over the world to know about this project, so everyone has a chance in participating in it. Technically seen (9992) Rules: – As soon as we hit our goal by hitting 10k subscribers, the first trick will be released. – You have 5 days to film this trick and send it to us via Wetransfer, We’ll unveil the E-Mail address in the same clip as the first trick will be shown. – We’ll pick the best 200 submissions, these skaters are going to participate in the worlds first season of GGOS – Each week, we will upload a new trick – You have 5 days to land, film and upload it – If you do not land the trick, you’ll get a letter – If you have 5 letters, you are out! – Each week, we’re going to pick our favourite – Toe drag doesn’t count! – Our referee, Dario, will decide whether your trick was legit or not – Flatground only – Needs to be done only 1 time – Trick needs to be done moving

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