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  • Nell Frédéric

Shredderic vx1000 part 2 - Nell Frédéric

Filmed mainly by Michael Kaeser during 2016-2017 with the help of Ludovic Pugin and Swan Purro

Skateboarder: Frédéric Nell

Cast: Nell Frédéric

Tags: skate, love, vx1000, passion, skateboard, skateboarding, shredderic, nell, part, camera, film, filming, tricks, grind, flip, slide and dance

Shredderic vx1000 part 2 - Nell Frédéric

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The Dips video - Nell Frédéric

The Dips video – Nell Frédéric

Nell Frédéric – The DIPS video Directed by: Frédéric Nell Filmed by: Frédéric Nell and was filmed by: Yves Marchon, Arnaud Nussbaumer, John Dannesboe, Vladimir Seydoux, Kathy Podlewska, Ludovic Pugin, ??? => Thanks guys Skateboarders: Frédéric Nell Jerôme Collomb John Dannesboe Arnaud Nussbaumer Yves Marchon Tengis Batchuluun Steve Gadecke Swan Purro Ludo Pugin Maxime Corpataux Felicien Hauser Yanik ‘Shrimps master’ Rossy Karim Stalder Music: GhostfaceKillah Tian Niu This video was filmed between March 2017 to June 2018. I just took the camera with me and tried to motivate people to go street, then to film, or to be filmed, depending the motivation of the skateboarders who were present. Hope you enjoy! One love FrédéricCast: Nell Frédéric

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