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Known to many but shunned by most, a skateboarder in any city draws attention and admiration for a mere minute. Turning a void location into the center of their universe for a brief moment, the energy can be cut with a knife.
He could be any, but we call him Timmey. His markings are plenty but no deeper meaning can be found – living for the moment, only the best memories survive.
Riding the light, riding the night, until the legs can carry no more. Tomorrow we shall return.

“Sidewalk Surfer” by Claudia Knoepfel featuring our Trashin’ Timmey and Marc.
This short film was done for Modern Weekly Style

Skateboarding by Timmey & Marc
Styling by Giovanni Dario Laudicina
Music by Lukas Caprez
Filming by Images Fixe, Matthew Lee
Edit by Images Fixe


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