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  • Doodah

Yves Suter x doodah "Bödmeren" - Doodah

Hidden in the back of the Muota Valley lies Bödmerenwald, a forest that has largely remained
untouched by humans and is one of the few remaining virgin forests in the central alps. Artist Yves
Suter, drawn to this haven of nature by its natural energy, has captured the wilderness of this location
on film and teamed up with doodah to create a limited and unique series of skateboards.

Included with the skateboard is a ‘Zine with the pictures of Yves Suter and a contribution to the
Forest Reserve Bödmeren.

Cast: doodah

Tags: Forest, Skateboard Art, Skateboard Series and Virgin Forest

Yves Suter x doodah "Bödmeren" - Doodah

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