Published on January 3, 2019 by
  • Chance Swainson


Dylan Fulford, Tom O reilly, Kam Edmunds,Tristan Henry, Tyler Warren, David Barbeau, Tre Glasgow, Aleka Lang, Mike Campbell, Spencer Hamilton, Brandon Dick, Owen Brackman, Landon Avramovic, Ryan Witt, Snarf, Pierce Brunner, Andrew Fiene, Sascha Daley, Michael Ray, Ryan Lepore

filmed and edited by Chance Swainson

additional filming by Jake Kuzyk

͡° ͜ʖ ͡° | Chance Swainson

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where's terry? | Chance Swainson

where’s terry? | Chance Swainson

Chance Swainson – featuring Tristan Henry, Jo Riegel, Jacob Levelle, Kam Edmonds, Ryan Witt, Calen Knauf, Keaton Alexander, Michael Ray, Ben Fenton, Jason Park, Braeley Wong, Cole Avramovic, Aleka Lang, Quinton David, Issac Walker, David Barbeau, Owen Brackman, Spencer Hamilton, and Ty Peterson additional filming by Jake Kuzyk and Alex Doyle graphic by Tylor Macmillon
provocateur | Chance Swainson

provocateur | Chance Swainson

Chance Swainson – featuring ty peterson, david barbeau, cole avramovic, jo reigel, brantyn wong, and tremaine glasgow filmed and edited by chance swainson graphic by Tylor Mcmillan

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