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  • Kris Burkhardt

Richard Parry

Andy Smith

Jon Villagomez

Kris Burkhardt

Richard Brown

Yavor Ski

Michael Scheidt

Theon Thrift

Ethan Loy

Ryan Pickell

Austin Flood

Addie Fridy

Louis Ierino

Reed Thomas

Steven Troya

Dominick Walker

Jason Robinson

Martin Fimbres

Jeff Carlyle

Filmed By Kris Burkhardt

2013 Extras | Kris Burkhardt

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Switz | Kris Burkhardt

Switz | Kris Burkhardt

Kris Burkhardt – A couple days of skating in Switzerland with my brother while visiting family.
dino | Kris Burkhardt

dino | Kris Burkhardt

Kris Burkhardt – Featuring: Michael Scheidt, Austin Flood, Jeff Carlyle, Reed Thomas, Chase Webb, Richard Parry, Andy Smith, Taylor McClung, Kris Burkhardt, Jessie Arkoush, Jason Robinson, Dustin Partridge, and Dominick Walker

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