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The eighth annual Monster Children Photo Competition is now open for entry and once again we’re giving away $30,000 in cash! Better dust off your hard drives and develop those rolls of film.

Over the years the annual Monster Children Photo Competition has established itself as one of the most renowned youth culture photo comps in the world, with past finalists including Todd Glasser, Chris Burkard, Andrew Peters, Laura Austin, Ryan Allan, Ben Thouard and Woody Gooch.

Think you’ve got what it takes to WIN the 2018 Monster Children photo competition? Prove it. Submit your best photos into the following categories:

Travel Sponsored by Canon

Music Sponsored by Hurly

Portrait Sponsored by Huffer

Action Sponsored by New Era

Lifestyle Sponsored by Danner Goods

Student Sponsored by Wanaka

The competition runs from October 17th – November 5th, 2018. Enter now at – terms and conditions apply.

Good luck!

2018 Monster Children Photo Competition | Monster Children

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