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3-day shoot with Volcom Japan team.

The second installment of the video series features Hirotoshi Kawabuchi aka Buchi.

Check out what he got in the limited amount of time.



Video by Rob Taro Miceli

Special thanks: Volcom


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vhsmag – Skateboarding was the only path after compulsory schooling. This is the very first step to fulfill the big dream of the ambitious teenager. Check out Shintaro Hongo’s debut part, which also commemorates his addition to SLD. 義務教育を終えた時、選んだ道はスケートボード。 脇目を振らず突き進む若者の、大いなる夢への第一歩。 本郷真太郎のデビュー作にして、SLDのウェルカムパート。
APPLE4 [VHSMAG] - vhsmag

APPLE4 [VHSMAG] – vhsmag

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