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  • Patrik Wallner


Brian Siswojo opened the skateshop 852 at Causeway Bay, Hong Kong in 1999. We are celebrating the two decades of love and support for the Hong Kong skate community by appreciating marble. Through the new collaboration of the ‘Vans Slip On Pro’ engrained with a marble print, iconic to skateboarding out in the Far East.

Directed, Filmed & Edited by Patrik Wallner

Cast: Patrik Wallner

Tags: Visualtraveling, Brian Siswojo, Hong Kong, 8Five2, Patrik Wallner, Vans, Piet Guilfoyle, Chris Bradley and Skateboarding

8FIVE2 - Vans Slip on Pro (2019) | Patrik Wallner

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Visualtraveling – Down the Volga (2019) | Patrik Wallner

For Russian (русский) & English subtitles or for none; click on CC next to volume. The one and only, Kirill Korobkov has guided and pushed through the ex-Soviet nations alongside the Visualtraveling team for over a decade now. Film-maker Patrik Wallner, documents their journey down the Volga river to explore the unique Republics of Russia en route towards the Caspian Sea. Featuring Kirill Korobkov, Gosha Konyshev, Philip & Dilip, Praski Vitti, Iraida Alexandrovna, Badmaeva Delgira and the Caspian Captain Directed, Filmed and Edited by Patrik Wallner Produced & Scripted by Patrik Wallner & Kirill Korobkov Aerial Videography by Maxim Gurtvoy Additional Videography in Moscow by Pasha Kryukov & Petr Barabaka Motion Graphics by Patrik Wallner Illustrations by Phoebe King Translations by Kirill Korobkov Filmed in Moscow, Cheboksary, Yoshkar-Ola, Kazan, Volgograd, Elista, Astrakhan. All shot within 11 days within Russia (April 2019) with a Sony a7s2 and four lenses. Excerpts from: Adidas – Zima (2018) Visualtraveling – 10,000 Kilometers (2009) Red Bull – Kazakhstan Triangle (2016) Visualtraveling – Meet the Stans (2012) Visualtraveling – Arirang (2013) Converse China – Where do we land? (2011) visualtraveling.comCast: Patrik WallnerTags: Visualtraveling, Patrik Wallner, Kirill Korobkov and Skateboarding

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