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On 20 February 2018, we sat down with former Australian Prime Minister, the late Bob Hawke.

We asked Mr Hawke, if he could leave us with one message about the future of our country and the world.

It would be one of his last interviews.

Thanks to the team at Hawkes Brewing Co. and Mr Hawkes family for the opportunity.

Director: Jam Hassan

DOP: Sam Brumby

AC: Jack Shepherd

Interview: Erin Bromhead

Editor: Braden Trotter

Additional footage: Beren Hall, Tim Tregoning, Chris Searl, Stu Gibson, Novemba, Oli Hammerton, Sam Brumby, Andy Gough, Lincoln Caplice, Canon Australia, Lucas Townsend.

Special thanks to Nathan Lennon, David Gibson, Blanche d’Alpuget, Landcare, to all Australian’s and everyone around the world for coming together as a community, supporting those who have been impacted by the worst bush fires in Australian history and standing up to fight for our environment.

A Message from Bob Hawke | Monster Children

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