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Our journey with Nate Viands started over 3 years ago when his Dad Scott reached out to us after Nate was diagnosed with Leukemia a few months before his 4th birthday.

Nate couldn’t play normal sports with other kids because of the shared germs that could be life threatening to his weakened immune system. Scott, who had grown up skating in Philly but had been off the board for over a decade, thought he could use skateboarding as a way for them both to take their minds off the rigorous cancer treatments. A quick trip to Exit Skateshop and Nate has been skating relentlessly ever since…

A simple ‘Thank You for making a board small enough for my son’ message has grown into a friendship with the Viands family that we wouldn’t trade for anything.

We flew Nate out to SF to surprise him with a new Actions REALized board to raise money for The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Needless to say he skated non-stop the entire time.

Learn more about Nate’s story along with all the footage and photos from his trip to SF on

Don’t stop pushing Nate. Just take a break once and awhile, you’re making the rest of the team look bad…

Filmed and Edited by Jeremy McNamara

Actions REALized : Nate Viands - REALentless - REAL Skateboards

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