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Artists Aaron Michalovic, Dharam Khalsa, NIZ, Mar Garcia, Erin Bower, Tim Kerr, Will Gaynor, Olivia Miller, Josh Row and Calvin Millar covered the walls of Austin’s Big Medium Gallery for the adidas Showcase takeover in the Lone Star State.

What is always a spectacular evening showcasing emerging and established talent in the skateboard art world, Austin kept up its name as an art and creative hub with 400+ people in attendance.

Josh Johnson aka Short Bus of No Comply hosted the event, Veronica Ortuno handled the DJ duties and Duncan Fellows lit up the gallery with a 30-min performance to close the show.

Shout outs to Fat Tire & Arizona Iced Tea for providing the beverages.

photos by Jenna Million

text by JZ Radical for Juxtapoz

adidas Showcase Recap from Austin, Texas | Juxtapoz Magazine

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