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After Greg Conroy started Serious Adult around 5 years ago, they’re output has always stayed true to spot variety, fun and great skateboarding. After exploring every conceivable crevice of South London George Toland went on an adventure to South America. On this occasion he went to good friend Seb’s hometown of Queretaro in Mexico where he obviously filmed and most certainly bonded with all of the characters who make up this scene. Despite VX’s always breaking, wifi so slow that in the past he’s had to mail usb sticks to get them uploaded to websites as well as being partial to certain herbs, George’s productivity and output is net level. Enjoy the fruits of this venture and soak up the radness.

Featuring in order of appearance – Sebastian Lemus, Carlos ‘Topo’ Perrusquia, Dominic Noyola, Oscar Hernandez, Mexa, Leo Landaverde, Guillermo Mar Sierra, Tosci, Richie Revuelta, Tony Hernandez, Yaje Popson, Chapu Sonora, Omar Vargas, Mikey, Adan ‘Jimbo’ Belio, Daniel Peña, Raymundo Chavarria and Angel Esquivel.

Filmed by: George Toland

Titles by: Greg Conroy


La Sonora de Margarita – Y Yo Que Te Deseo A Morir

Grupo Kual – Rumba Cha Cha

Cypress Hill – Muévete

Eek A Mouse – Wild Like A Tiger

El Príncipe Azteca – Adoración Al Sol

Chancha Via Circuíto/ Jose Larralde – Quimey Neuquen

Grupo Kual – Rumba Quimbumba.

ADULTO SERIO: MEXICO by George Toland - Serious Adult | Vague Skate Mag

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