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Follow Afends team rider Zenildo Guilherme as he skates the streets of Porto, Portugal, wearing our first drop for Spring ‘Stray Cats’.

Model: Zenildo Guilherme

Video: Filipe Neto

Afends Presents: Porto with Ze | Afends

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Saltwater Dreamtime by Zachary Bennett-Brook | Afends

Saltwater Dreamtime by Zachary Bennett-Brook | Afends

Afends – We’re pleased to release our forth limited edition capsule collaboration with Zachary Bennett-Brook, our good mate and the artist behind Saltwater Dreamtime. Zachary is a contemporary Indigenous artist born and raised in Wollongong (Dharawal Country) with a love for the ocean and creating artworks which represent his cultural heritage and passions. On the Saltwater Dreamtime Vol 4 collection, Zach said “For this design I drew inspiration from our natural environment, in particular leaves and water flowing, moving. I decided to add a few different artwork style in each of the little sections which play off those natural themes, with the more circular designs reflecting water and ripples on the water and the sharper harder lined sections reflecting the earth and dry land.” This year we wanted to kick 12 Days of Good Vibes off on the right foot and put our money where our mouth is, so riding off Zach’s notability we decided we wanted to give someone else a voice and platform they wouldn’t usually get. Enter the local Indigenous artist group, Toys Change Lives. An employment pathway staffed by Indigenous youth who have been released from Juvenile Justice Detention Centers or who have had a brush with the Justice System and are believed to be ‘At Risk’, we wanted to support Toys Change Lives anyway we can after seeing the amazing work they do, so this year we’re releasing a limited run of toys online and in-store to help get the word out, as well as giving 100% of sales back to the epic team to help fund art supplies and help them continue their epic work. Find out more about Zach Bennett-Brook, Toys Change Lives and of course 12 Days of Good Vibes on the blog. – Video by @jaencollective
Mens 16X9 | Afends

Mens 16X9 | Afends

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