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P R E S E R V E L A C U L T U R A.

Wesley Cardoso, Wagner Gallo, Rafael Cav, Niet Pires, Thiago Lima, Rafael Reis, Henry Fischer, Akira Utida, Leandro Fischer, Matheus Du Bronks. Al Carrer PROMO 2020.

Al Carrer Skateshop "PROMO" | ALCARRER SKATECO.

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Al Carrer x Chocolate Collab 2020 | ALCARRER SKATECO.

Al Carrer x Chocolate Collab 2020 | ALCARRER SKATECO.

ALCARRER SKATECO. – Back in 1994 Rick, Carroll, Spike & Megan (Girl Skateboards Owners) introduced Chocolate Skateboards to the industry with a short commercial inside the Legendary Gold Fish video and got all of us thinking. So for our Shop collab with Chocolate, we decided to pay homage to this commercial that meant a lot to us. Every second are meticulously represented by our shop team to show Respect! Thank you Chocolateskateboards for been an inspiration since day one! Filmed/Edited: Bruno Rocha Intro: Mike York / Henry Fischer Paulo Diaz / Thiago Lima Gabriel Rodriguez / Rafael G. Silva Shamil Randle / Rafa Reis Ben Sanchez / Wagner Gallo Richard Mulder / Leandro Fischer Mike York / Matheus Dubronks Chico Brenes / Akira Utida – Wesley Cardoso . PSstix board / Short & Long Sleeve tees available in-Store and
Al Carrer Guest artist board - Tavu Ente | ALCARRER SKATECO.

Al Carrer Guest artist board – Tavu Ente | ALCARRER SKATECO.

ALCARRER SKATECO. – TAVU ART / BIG L “ I mostly try to put the character in his environment, hence the maps! Only used BIC pain for the portrait, creating almost shadow, while the maps tells the rest of the history” @tavu_ensemble – From Harlem, New York in the early to mid-1990s, Big L became well known amongst underground hip-hop for his freestyling ability, and was eventually signed in 1995, he released his debut album, Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous. On February 15, 1999, Big L was shot nine times by an unknown assailant in East Harlem, New York, his hometown. Graphic design by @tavu_ensemble Out Now /

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