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  • Desillusion / The death of cool

This is the story of

Todd & Nicola,

Who share more than love,


A film by Sebastien Zanella

Alone Together | Desillusion / The death of cool

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Let It Flow - Boo Johnson - Desillusion / The death of cool

Let It Flow – Boo Johnson – Desillusion / The death of coo…

Desillusion / The death of cool – At 24-years-old, Boo Johnson is one of the most in-demand names in the industry. But it’s more than his massive pop and raw energy that has helped him carve a genuine presence in modern skateboarding culture. His ability to tread an impossible line between being intoxicatingly laid-back yet incredibly switched on is at once alluring and inspiring. The embodiment of a soulful skater, Johnson lives life to it’s fullest and skates the sidewalk of a flawed society. Director Sebastien Zanella presents Let it Flow, a thoughtful portrait of one of the strongest personalities in skateboarding’s modern era, an immersive and exhilarating ride into the mind and times of pro-skateboarder Boo Johnson. Directed by Sebastien Zanella Produced by Sheleen Jegasothy Presented by Desillusion x Diamond Supply Co

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