Published on June 9, 2020 by
  • foghornleghornn

new slap

filmed/edited by marcus pulvermacher

we filmed this sht mad randumly lol

amadou | foghornleghornn

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Toeonthegas v1/v2 | foghornleghornn

Toeonthegas v1/v2 | foghornleghornn

foghornleghornn – made the first version on tha way to dc and the second part back home, couldn’t decide which one I liked more filmed edited produced by me additional filming by Marcus Pulvermacher on the road threw a loop on the sample the shit sound fiya on my right is my mans got the toe got the gas mix it up so that we can get hiya I always got my toe on the gas pedal pass hit the store got my mask on task done whats next decimals and some fractions actions cause effect my friend do you have some can’t dwell on the fact you alone in the faction wax on this is it you got grow with your passion facts on represent we gon diva the rations its evident the we lit like some matches its just funny cus nigga I done failed all my classes it’ll work some things just move slow like molasses hard to see at first while the blur off the glasses ay we got get it in an orderly fashion ain’t flashy but we shining when the cameras start flashin
Alex G- Halloween(track10)cover | foghornleghornn

Alex G- Halloween(track10)cover | foghornleghornn

foghornleghornn – Fckd up a bit fck it thooo

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