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Introducing the new Andrew Reynolds collection for RVCA. See the entire collection here:

The Boss curated his new colelction for RVCA and celebrating its release with new footage

As Emerica would say…This is Skateboarding


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Kevin "Spanky" Long Collection | rvca

RVCA SKATE – Designed by Kevin “Spanky” Long and inspired by some of his favorite classic styles and thrift store finds. Bringing his art and creativity to life in a signature collection that includes everything from a jacket, pants, wovens and knits to vintage style tees with original artwork by Spanky himself. Shop the collection: Follow RVCA YouTube || RVCA – Instagram || @RVCA – Facebook || @RVCA – Follow RVCA Skate Instagram || @RVCASKATE –
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RVCA Q&A | Julian Davidson | rvca

RVCA SKATE – Q&A is a chance to sit down with RVCA advocates & get a behind-the-scenes look into their lives. In this episode, Julian Davidson talks about what a typical day looks like, as well as getting sponsored by RVCA at a young age, traveling all over the world and recently moving to Costa Mesa, CA. Follow RVCA YouTube || RVCA – Instagram || @RVCA – Facebook || @RVCA – Julian Davidson –

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