Published on April 8, 2021 by
  • ConfusionMagazine

Filmed by Jeff Biedenbach and Frank Shaw

Edited by JB

Music: Possessed, “The Exorcist”

“The video is to pump Andy’s debut pro board for 151 skateboards. As far as I’m concerned, Andy is the fastest skater at Burnside right now. He skated this day until his ankle broke. The first clip with the primal scream was the last clip for that day.” – JB

ANDY ASHBURN - "POSSESSED" | ConfusionMagazine

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Geil und Gefährlich - Utopia DIY | ConfusionMagazine

Geil und Gefährlich – Utopia DIY | ConfusionMagazine

ConfusionMagazine – 2020 marks the year of the big C when being around friends became difficult, travel occasions were rare and skateparks (temporarily) closed. One place that was so much more than just a “park” even shut down permanently (RIP UTOPIA DIY). A magical place located on a hill behind Dortmund’s infamous U. A home to skateboarding built by locals. A dream it – do it – create it yourself kinda place that was shaped by a community and shaped a whole new community in itself. Ultimately torn down for the ugly sake of big business. But skateboarding-wise 2020 wasn’t so shitty after all, it bred creativity and brought different people together. Jana started filming a bunch of girls skating Utopia and ended up documenting a part of the female skate scene of the ruhr area that grew so much during the last few years. This is a testimony of their love for doing silly things on wooden toys, overcoming fears and supporting each other. Stay geil and gefährlich, girls*. skateboarder in order of appearance: Katja, Luisa, Julia, Fee, Lisa, Franzi, Jana, Lotti, Lucy, Maja, Lena K., Lara, Sarah, Kira & Lili artwork by: Lisa filmed & edited by Jana additional filming by: Lara, Sarah, Katja R.I.P UTOPIA DIY
OSJ at Herenthout skatepark by Concrete Dreams | ConfusionMagazine

OSJ at Herenthout skatepark by Concrete Dreams | ConfusionMagazine

ConfusionMagazine – Skater: OSJ (Old School Jeff) Location: Herenthout skatepark in Belgium Designed/Built: Concretedreams ( Filmed: @maartenderyck Music: @princebeastly

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