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It´s been ten years since BDSKATECO was born.After a decade committed to what we love, #skateboarding, a new era is about to start in BD.

Discover the new @bdskateco . Discover the new BD video.

X video coming out in December 2018 in local skateshops. Video Edited by Oscar Morales.

BD X video teaser | BDskateCo

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BDSKATECO TWENTY Skate clip | BDskateCo

BDskateCo – New clip from BDSKATECO team. Featured by Jimmy Ramirez, Jaime Bueno, Oscar Morales-Fly-, Fran Rodriguez, Nahuel Schüle and Sergio Sanchez. Filmed by: Oscar Morales, Vallapatin (Manu Castellanos), Gorka Ramirez David Fernandez, Pau Hernández, Angel de la Face, Raul Corpas, Sergio Álvarez and Edu Lester. Edited by: Oscar Morales-Fly-
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