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Down to the south, BEAGLE documents a tour where bands and skateboard magazines unite. Bad Shit and THE GOAT, The Skateboard MAG and Thrasher. Starting in Atlanta the crew rolls the 5-Block for a good old fashioned jump off. Jake Phelps wanders the grounds with a Pandamonium (Pablo Sandoval) headpiece, while Andrew Reynolds snaps his board on a nollie cab down the 5-Block. Theotis Beasley endures the rough landing and conquers the set with a backside kickflip. Moving north, the vans pile out at metal edge spot in North Carolina. Kenny Hoyle blesses the ledge with his smooth style. In the midst, NECKFACE performs an acrobatic pyrotechnic aluminum stunt. Bryan Herman finds a manual with a roman candle while being chased by Dan Murphy’s dog (Indy RIP). Ending the episode, Justin “Figgy” Figueroa jams out with some ladies and a portable amp at a Motel 6. Circa 2010

BEAGLE Tapes: Episode 18 - Skate Rock 2010 THE GOAT, BAD SHIT And The Ugly | HIJINX Net

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BEAGLE Tapes: Episode 56 - Sammy Baca | HIJINX Net

BEAGLE Tapes: Episode 56 – Sammy Baca | HIJINX Net

HIJINX Net – Fresh off the plane from Las Vegas, a longhaired Sammy Baca touches down in Los Angeles. In preparation, Beagle had been scouting “Sammy Spots” in Beverly Hills and Century City. In the final days of filming for the “Bake and Destroy” video, Sammy starts the session off at a bench-to-rail setup in Beverly Hills. After a few slams the Beverly Hills Cops show up and shutdown the session. Not being discouraged from the earlier session, Sammy dusts himself off and Beagle takes him to a street drop-in that’s steeper than a politician’s check at MICHELIN Star restaurant. After a quick warm up, Sammy handles it first try with a backside 5-0 dismount and then slaps a lame cone out the way. The higher the socks, the downer the foo… Jumping back to Beverly Hills, Beagle shows Sammy a wallie-to-grind rail. Sammy, still on a sick one, steps up to the occasion. After a few attempts he makes it up and over and then it’s all downhill from there. After the ride away, photographer David Broach mentions to Beagle that he missed the landing. A displeased Sammy becomes irritated with Broach, but jumps on his board to save the sequence. Broach is indebted and hopefully bought him a Modelo. Circa 2012

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