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The squad heads to the Santa Monica Courthouse (pre skatepark fabrication) to skate the ledges. Brad Hayes attempts a manual trick on the stage while Knox Godoy supplies entertaining commentary. Into the night, the boys venture to downtown LA and then to Hollywood High School. A young Terry Kennedy lands a lipslide down the 12 stair rail and Alex “Trainwreck” Gall tortures him with a record over… Circa 2000

BEAGLE Tapes: Episode 19 - Brad Hayes and Knox Godoy Baker2G Era | HIJINX Net

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BEAGLE Tapes: Episode 40 - Jeff Lenoce and Erik Ellington | HIJINX Net

BEAGLE Tapes: Episode 40 – Jeff Lenoce and Erik Ellington | HIJI…

HIJINX Net – Post BAKER2G and pre 9/11, Beagle and team persist a perpetual era. Jeff Lenoce attempts a nollie frontside noseslide on a crusty 7-stair out-ledge. He rides a couple of sketchy ones, but the foot-traffic wears and tears on a skater’s soul. Dogtown, the birthplace of the culture. “Sleeveless tees and Reynolds One Bling Blings.” A traditional American attire from the southern California region. Belmont High School opened its doors on September 11, 1923 and this is tape #209, but that’s irrelevant. Pause this video at 9:11 and comment what you see. Andrew Reynolds nollie half Cab heel flips the nine stair, with a classic elephant t-shirt. On the way out, Erik Ellington kickflip noseslides a bump-to-ledge on the outer corridor. Alex “Trainwreck” suggests some “ice colds.” This was a request from the 9-Club. Circa 2001
BEAGLE Tapes: Episode 39 | HIJINX Net

BEAGLE Tapes: Episode 39 | HIJINX Net


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