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The Baker Boys pile in the van for a trip up north. Bright and early, Andrew Reynolds draws the crowds to Wallenberg High School in San Francisco, CA. With many iconic characters in attendance and superstitions of the number 3, Andrew surfs out of a monumental backside kickflip. Earning him the cover of Thrasher Magazine. Pre hyper-connectivity and disposable media, the footage doesn’t see the light of day until 3 years later in his Emerica “Stay Gold” video part in 2010.

When word got out that the original Hubba Hideout was deknobbed, skaters flocked to San Francisco like the 49er gold rush. A young Mike Reno stakes his claim with a varial flip noseslide. Reno rides away victoriously with no regard for Patrick O’dell’s Altamont photoshoot. Every DOG has his day.

The following morning, the crew returns to Hubba. Marquise Henry celebrates his birthday with an attempt at an inward heelflip 5-0 grind. After some heavy weighted slams, he locks one in and rides away flawlessly. The sound of four wheels riding on the Hubba bricks… Icing on the cake.

Circa 2007

BEAGLE Tapes: Episode 35 - Andrew Reynolds and Reno | HIJINX Net

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HIJINX Net – Post BAKER2G and pre 9/11, Beagle and team persist a perpetual era. Jeff Lenoce attempts a nollie frontside noseslide on a crusty 7-stair out-ledge. He rides a couple of sketchy ones, but the foot-traffic wears and tears on a skater’s soul. Dogtown, the birthplace of the culture. “Sleeveless tees and Reynolds One Bling Blings.” A traditional American attire from the southern California region. Belmont High School opened its doors on September 11, 1923 and this is tape #209, but that’s irrelevant. Pause this video at 9:11 and comment what you see. Andrew Reynolds nollie half Cab heel flips the nine stair, with a classic elephant t-shirt. On the way out, Erik Ellington kickflip noseslides a bump-to-ledge on the outer corridor. Alex “Trainwreck” suggests some “ice colds.” This was a request from the 9-Club. Circa 2001
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