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Located between West Covina and Diamond Bar, the Mount San Antonio College (Mt. SAC) 11 stair hubba patiently waits for its next challenger. A place where steel, wood, and concrete collide. Erik Ellington brings the gang out on Saturday afternoon to take a swing at it. Beau Halverson gets away unscathed with a boardslide. While Reno, with a self-induced pumpkin pie haircut, takes one to the hip. Jon “Flip” Colbert gets a 50-50 and 5-0 in preparation for a backside Smith grind. Erik goes 12 rounds with a bigspin frontside boardslide, but walks away empty handed.

As stubborn as a mule, Erik refuses to take the loss and returns the following weekend to seek his revenge. Flip makes another attempt at the backside Smith, but a hit to the back of the skull cuts his session short TKO. Erik begins his dance with the devil again, but after several attempts he loses his sole. Determined to succeed, he improvises and borrows a shoe from Beau. With one red Andrew Reynolds Emerica and one green Ellington Emerica, Erik gets back on his feet. Pop, spin, catch, slide and ride away with that classic style. Oh boy!!!!!! That Ellington party shuffle… Circa 2004

BEAGLE Tapes: Episode 36 - Erik Ellington and Flip | HIJINX Net

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BEAGLE Tapes: Episode 54 - Reno | HIJINX Net

BEAGLE Tapes: Episode 54 – Reno | HIJINX Net

HIJINX Net – Dr. Joong Gun Kwon has been practicing dentistry in Los Angeles for over 30 years. He still enjoys being in a profession that helps others, not only with their teeth, but also with their self-image. He believes that the condition of one’s smile can indirectly affect a person’s confidence. Before J. Kwon Orthodontics Center was a hotspot, a majority of the skateboarding occurred only on the outer parameters of the plaza. The gap-to-ledges were the spot to “test your might.” A young slim Reno steps on the scene, flossing his color-coordinated outfit. Reno goes into battle with a sample pair of blood red Ellington One combat boots. The varial flip noseslide is a very unique trick that requires a “mob flick” technique with precision timing. 40 something attempts later and he locks the paddle in with a momentous slide to fakie that changed his life forever. The famous “Wooooorrrd!” heard round the world in the BAKER 3 video. All it takes is one and every dog has his day. No one is really certain about what happened to Reno. Last we heard is that he lives Los Altos, CA and does narrative writing. Tripping to the dessert, Beagle and Flip head out to Victorville, CA to skate “Donny’s Hubba.” When they arrive they meet a young Antwuan DIxon, also known as “Big Kandy” at the time and light up the spot. Flip gets a backside smith grind and Beagle films Antwuan’s effortless style for the first time in history. Woody the dog closes the session out with a gap to slide. Give a dog a bone. Circa 2004

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