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Approaching dusk in Hollywood on the last day of 2007, Bryan Herman begins (Beagle clears throat, “Yeah.”) filming one of his famous lines from the Emerica Stay Gold video. Several attempts later, Bryan speaks with his actions. Switch Frontside Heelflip to Nollie Inguardo. “That’s the G-CODE talk.” A passionate reptilian acknowledges the feat at Selma Elementary. Bryan ends the session by paying homage to one of Kennan Milton’s (RIP) classic clips from the “MOUSE” video.

Riding the momentum into the new year, Bryan attempts a line at the Brea 12 stair, but performs the splits at the bottom. His session comes a halt. Enter Bossman, in stylish Altamont denim, Andrew Reynolds picks up the slack with a switch 360 kickflip to fakie kickflip line. Circa 2007/2008

BEAGLE Tapes: Episode 37 - Bryan Herman and Andrew Reynolds | HIJINX Net

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