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BEAGLE Tapes: Episode 39 | HIJINX Net

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BEAGLE Tapes: Episode 40 - Jeff Lenoce and Erik Ellington | HIJINX Net

BEAGLE Tapes: Episode 40 – Jeff Lenoce and Erik Ellington | HIJI…

HIJINX Net – Post BAKER2G and pre 9/11, Beagle and team persist a perpetual era. Jeff Lenoce attempts a nollie frontside noseslide on a crusty 7-stair out-ledge. He rides a couple of sketchy ones, but the foot-traffic wears and tears on a skater’s soul. Dogtown, the birthplace of the culture. “Sleeveless tees and Reynolds One Bling Blings.” A traditional American attire from the southern California region. Belmont High School opened its doors on September 11, 1923 and this is tape #209, but that’s irrelevant. Pause this video at 9:11 and comment what you see. Andrew Reynolds nollie half Cab heel flips the nine stair, with a classic elephant t-shirt. On the way out, Erik Ellington kickflip noseslides a bump-to-ledge on the outer corridor. Alex “Trainwreck” suggests some “ice colds.” This was a request from the 9-Club. Circa 2001
BEAGLE Tapes: Episode 38 - Lizard King and Dustin Dollin | HIJINX Net

BEAGLE Tapes: Episode 38 – Lizard King and Dustin Dollin | HIJIN…

HIJINX Net – Into the night, at an out-ledge in Glendora, CA. The crew lights up a spot. Lizard King and Patrick “Sinner” Pasquale attempt variations of 5-0 grinds. Sinner rolls away from a 5-0 180 degree turn out. Shane Heyl attempts a crook nollie heelflip out, but a callused hand tears deeply when it meets the grit of concrete. “Get yo mama up in the club.” Heading south to North County, the gang gives it the old college try at the Carlsbad High School gap. Antwuan Dixon and Dustin Dollin take swings at it, but come up short, while Lizard is on the “grass.” Over at 5724 Hollywood Blvd (The BAKER House), Dustin curates a dance party with some ladies. “Yeah, I’m in this bitch wit’ da terror. Got a handful of stacks, better grab an umbrella.” Concluding the tape, Lizard King gets a frontside boardslide to fakie at the Glendale, CA out-ledge. Circa 2008

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