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BERTS VID – Bro Cam Video by Justin Helmkamp


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Bert’s Vid is a 35-minute bro cam video by Justin Helmkamp documenting much of the toil behind Quasi’s Mother and Bronze’s It’s Time videos (there are a couple No Idea bits in there too, too.) Yeah, there are a handful of shots of dudes following with an HXV, but there’s also footage of the warm-up tricks, the pre-sessions at Borough Hall, and the interludes spent around the corner at some shittier spot while you’re waiting for security to go back inside.

Features E.J. and pretty much everyone you’ve ever seen in Bronze or Quasi video. AKA Dick Rizzo, Josh Wilson, Kevin Tierney, Chachi, John Shanahan, Billy McFeely, Buggy Talls and many more.

Music copyright has muted one of the tracks in some countries. You can watch the video over on Justin’s Vimeo page. And shout out to Lally for flagging this one via QS.

BERTS VID - Bro Cam Video by Justin Helmkamp | veganxbones

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