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Every year @ghostdigitalcinema and @jip_01 come to @woodwardcamp to share our knowledge with the campers in the @woodwarddigitalmedia program. This year marks the first year we were able to bring the #Bolt703 wireless video system. From receiving a wireless video signal from our #PhantomFlex camera, #reddigitalcinema cameras, #Movi systems and the #ShotoverG1 camera cart system. The campers were able to monitor a live video feed of all of the systems on the @smallhd #Bolt703 monitor- a robust monitor with a @teradek receiver built in to it all powered by one @coreswx battery. This monitor features 1920 x 1080 resolution, 3000 nits bright, and a 500 foot wireless receiver that is compatible with Teradek bolt 500, 1000 and even the 3000 transmitters. Small, simplified, no wires and easy. Amazing to see how companies like @smallhd and @teradek are combining their efforts to simplify things. The 703 Bolt is the ultimate go anywhere, view anywhere monitor.

Thank you @shotovercamera @reddigitalcinema @phantomhighspeed @smallhd @teradek @coreswx @freeflysystems @woodencamera @schneideroptics @redrockmicro for supporting our week and special thnx to @woodwarddigitalmedia for having us and congrats to all of the campers u guys killed it this year!

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– @ghostdigitalcinema @tyevans @raptorproductions716 @jordan_huffman


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Ghost Digital Cinema Shotover F1 Reel | GHOST DIGITAL CINEMA

Ghost Digital Cinema Shotover F1 Reel | GHOST DIGITAL CINEMA

GHOST DIGITAL CINEMA – Ready to up the level of your next production? Our SHOTOVER F1 is available for rental. Contact: [email protected] // to request a quote. SHOTOVER F1 A 6-axis gyro stabilized platform that delivers unshakable stability with look down capability for use inverted, or right side up—on almost anything that moves. It rigs fast and accommodates over 175 camera and lens combinations, for the look you want. Its compact carbon fiber construction means it ships as excess baggage on commercial flights worldwide with no export restrictions. SHOTOVER F1 System Features Quickly and easily interchange multiple cameras and lenses Compact size and weight allows affordable transport as freight or excess baggage No ITAR restrictions or EAR licensing requirements Compatible with most FAA and EASA approved aircraft mounts Various top plate options are available to easily allow mounting on various platforms- land, sea and air Easily integrated onto a wide variety of mounting platforms 6-axis gyro stabilized with look down capability Windowless operation option for brilliant imagery without reflections Fiber optic video data transfer for clean 3GHz imagery State of the art electronics and design techniques deliver unshakable stability and ultimate functionality Customizable graphics overlay for real time operator feedback Auto or Steerable horizon with the most advanced steering capabilities on the market Inverted operation using auto-position detectors Remote controlled polarized filter rotation, rain deflector and other accessories available In conjunction with system users, our engineers meticulously designed the SHOTOVER gimbal controller. It provides the highest level of functionality with ideal placement of controls. Features of the Gimbal Controller include: Force Joystick Option Iris Wheel control on the side and top of controller Adjustable friction drag control for Iris Wheel and Focus Knob White Mark-up Ring added to Focus Knob Roll Rocker added, selectable control between Rocker and Joystick Twist Wrist Support with quick disconnect Common Camera Control Connector, with cables supplied for integration with Arri RCU-4, Sony RM-B750, Canon RC-V100 Break out FI+Z control with Preston HU3​ Dual 5V USB A Ports for powering Accessories (including smartphones) Mount Holes on top & rear faces for accessories & monitor mounting


GHOST DIGITAL CINEMA – Get THE FLAT EARTH now: The #DS1 lights from @digitalsputnik allowed us to capture shots we normally could not capture. With the DS-1 lights you have a fast and easy set up and take down. The DS-1 has a 100 watt power draw at max output as these lights can be powered by generator or camera batteries. Shooting high speed at night can be very challenging and with the DS-1 lights you have the confidence of no flicker. One of the key features of the DS-1 is its size with a high out put and small footprint. We can set them up wherever we want fast and easy and not worry about a fire hazard allowing you to get more creative and the logistics of the lights are not restricted. See how we used the DS-1 lights from @digitalsputnik in our new film #TheFlatEarth. Now available on all major platforms for digital download. (Want to see more behind the scenes? The HD version on iTunes has exclusive iTunes extras featuring a 45 minute behind the scenes documentary and 15 minute behind the technology) #behindthescenes #bts #camera #production #cinematography #filmmaking #LED #lighting #setlife #filmlife #videoproduction #digitalsputnik #ghostdigitalcinema @ghostdigitalcinema. Film @kevin_denning – Edit @sskibino – Music @kevinromar

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