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Rowan Zorilla, Logan Lara, Aidan Mackey, Stu Kirst, more and credits.



Nico Chiat, Rowan Zorilla, Logan Lara, Aidan Mackey, Santiago Gagliarducci, Stu Kirst and more from Boys of Summer 2.

The Boys of Summer are back with another video! Boys of Summer 2 has got hard-hitting, straight-to-the-dome karate-chop action from the glistening streets of Vancouver, the fiery ditches of Las Vegas, the dirty underbelly of New York City and the glitzy beaches of Miami, where reasonably-priced hotels are actually just shitty night clubs above vape shops.

A Hall of Fame lineup with a healthy dosage of legendary scenes from the silver screen. Ain’t nothing like good times with the crew.

Boys of Summer 2 features the skateboarding of Andrew Allen , Anthony Van Engelen, Caleb Barnett, Cody Green, Elijah Berle, Sade Sanchez, Rhino, Don Nguyen, Sammy Baca, Adrian Mccoy, Jade Mcdaniel, Andy Roy, Eric Dressen, Jason Landau, Sean Pablo, Nakel Smith, Jason Dill, Tyshawn Jones, Mark Gonzales, Beatrice Domond, Bill Strobeck, Paulo Diaz, Ty Lyons, Sage Elsesser, Johnny Wilson, Gino Iannucci, Alex Olson, Cyrus Bennett, Genesis Deterre, Rick Mccrank, Mikey Gigliotti, Jack Greer, Julio De La Cruz, Ben Colen, Vincent Touzery, Ako Jefferson, Atiba Jefferson, Elissa Steamer, Andre Razo, Marc Razo, Salvador Barbier, Scott Johnston, Tony Ferguson, Andrew Reynolds, Mike Carroll, Daniel Wheatley, Heath Kirchart, Eric Koston, Lui Elliott, Guy Mariano, Lacey Baker, Omar Salazar, Justin Strubing, Lizard King, Lance Mountain, Danny Rogers, Javier Nunez, Erik Ellington, Sean Malto, Cody Simmons, Chris Cottschalk, Logan Hill, Lucast Wells, Matt Costillo, Val Caruso, Jon Sciano, Courtland Donaldson, Weston Carter, Bobby Branch, Jhian Namei, Steve Lee, Tino Razo, Kevin Long, Chris Manute Shonting, Wilder Zoby, Lauren Mollica, Jon Miner, Tooth Long, Kader Sylla, Ted Barrow, Jake Kuzyk, Alexis Ross, Jerry Hsu, Jeff Protocar, Curtis Buchanan, Kunichi Nomura, Katina Danabassis, Kaysie Lee, Steven Schwartz, Nico Chiat, Rowan Zorilla, Logan Lara, Aidan Mackey, Santiago Gagliarducci and Stu Kirst. #boysofsummer2 #bos2 #boysofsummer

Boys of Summer 2 - Rowan Zorilla, Logan Lara, Aidan Mackey, Stu Kirst and credits | veganxbones

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