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Come and Shred with us


Adrien Burguiere – Paul Leroy – Benjamin Frayce – Thomas Andre – Romain Delatour – Guillaume Guénée – Julien Benoliel – Jerome Dutang – Guillaume Challet – Punky – Alex Deragopian – Pierre Garcin – Jean Michel Paltoogloo – Yohan Pisani – Leo Sastre – Noah Marchetti & Friends.

Filmed and edited by Thomas André and Romain Delatour

BRAINLESS vol. II | ConfusionMagazine

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Tyler Yuraszeck - "Anywhere but There" | ConfusionMagazine

Tyler Yuraszeck – "Anywhere but There" | ConfusionMaga…

ConfusionMagazine – Tyler’s part from ‘anywhere but there’ a video by carson reuther. Filmed over the course of two years in Philadelphia, Ty skates everything from abandoned buildings to backyard pools with the homies. Hit up @carson_reuther on Instagram for DVD Copies with parts from Justin Adeniran, Zack Peacock, Paris Summerville, Bryan Leddy, Shane Reuther, Ant Rosado, Kris Arnold and Efron Danzig as well.
CONFUSION PDX EDIT 2019 | ConfusionMagazine

CONFUSION PDX EDIT 2019 | ConfusionMagazine

ConfusionMagazine – Things are starting to heat up in Portland, you better keep an eye on what’s coming from under that bridge! Who are these guys? Featuring: Kyle KJ, Josh KJ, Jesse Cobb, Alex “Mant” Pérez, Mike “Darkness” Barnes, Raymond Hertz, and Keegan Root. Film and edit: Debow @fritzflynnn

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