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Brian Delatorre – Converse Cons’ “Purple” Video


Brian Delatorre’s part from the latest Converse Cons video “Purple”. Featuring Al Davis, Frank Gerwer and friends.

The Converse Cons full-length project Purple has found its way to the endangered-species list, but this video demonstrates why they are of the utmost importance. This is a masterpiece. Clear your schedule and dive in.

Soundtrack: Tommy Guerrero – Soul Miner and New Order – Mesh (AKA ‘Cries and Whispers’)

Converse Cons presents their first brand skate film titled “Purple”! Filmed and edited by Ben Chadourne “Purple” showcases the journey of their skate team over the past 18 months of their lives.

Converse Cons Purple features the skateboarding of Louie Lopez, Jake Johnson, Jason Jessee, Sammy Baca, Mike Anderson, Sean Pablo, Al Davis, Brian Delatorre, Sage Elsesser, Bobby De Keyzer, Kenny Anderson, Kevin Rodrigues, Aaron Herrington, Zered Bassett, Eli Reed, Raney Beres, Ben Raemers, Milton Martinez and Tom Remillard.

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Brian Delatorre - Converse Cons' "Purple" Video - veganxbones

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