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  • bustednsfw

An Insight Into the Depths of the C.O.P. Skate Scene.

Filmed & Edited by Ethan de Lacy

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Phillip Marshall, Barry Mansfield, Chris Luu, Shannon Hood, Harry Clark, Daniel Morris, Cameron “Flage” Owens, Tom Bentley, Eugene Stewart, Chris Gow, Quentin Guthrie, Tyson “Olaf” May, Phil James “Bag”, Shaun Paul, Justin Lloyd, Mitch Cunningham, Joe Bothams, Ben John, Mitch Harris, Lewis Rodan, Jack Snow, Ben Peasley, Brayden Rodda, Matteo Pinto, Justin Yu, Willy Myat, Jamie Brougham, Cheye Clift, Issa Hassan, Braith McGuire, Jack Hewitt, Ezra George, Nic Franz, Rowan White, Paul Bruno, Ramsay Milne, James Whineray.

Busted: Move On Notice | bustednsfw

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Lil Wayne, Welcome to Busted Skateboards | bustednsfw

Lil Wayne, Welcome to Busted Skateboards | bustednsfw

bustednsfw – Lil Wayne is the newest member to be added to our all star roster. In celebration in accordance with the homies at Trukfit we hosted a demo on the weekend at the notorious world class area known as The Manning Skate, Scooter and Freestyle Motor Cross Facility. We would like to thank everyone who came down to support the struggle, also we would like to give a HUGE shout out to Rick Ross, Drake, French Montana and of course Lil Weezy for hosting the after party which is featured at the start of the video. Get Busted!!!!
Busted: Eyes On The Street | bustednsfw

Busted: Eyes On The Street | bustednsfw

bustednsfw – Filmed & Edited by Ethan de Lacy The City of Perth Featuring: Rowan White, Matt Archer, James Ahern, Jeron Chow, Gabe Kovesi, Jamie Young, Harry Cooke, Jebediah Sun, Lewis Rodan, Mitchell Harris, Cameron Owens, Adam Morris, Harry Clark, Chris Luu, Tom Bentley, Kader Quanzan, Nic Franz, Jack Hewitt, Braith Mcguire, Sylvain Tognelli, James Whineray, Finn Visser ‘t Hooft , Chris Gow , Jakson Hunt, Jay Mcgettigan, Jack Snow, Jonathan Holding, Oliver Nealon, Mitchell Pollard, Sam Laffer, Issa Hassan, Jay Dymock, Luke Kocar, Cheye Clift, Eugene Stewart, James Rowe, Hootie Andrewes, Robert Schmitt, Shaun Paul, Louie Dodd, Casey Foley, Tully West, Dean Johnston, Jeof Michaels and Ramsay Milne

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