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Alex Olson’s Call Me 917 board company has just released a full-length video. Featuring the skateboarding of Hugo Boserup, Nik Stain, Aidan Mackey, Cyrus Bennet, Alex Olson, Vincent Touzery, Max Palmer and many more.

Call Me 917 – The 917 Video Soundtrack

Intro (2:07 – 5:00): Cannibal Holocaust – Opening Theme Music

Aidan Mackey (5:00 – 10:26): Samiam – Don’t Break Me/Todd Rundgren – I Saw The Light

Aaron Loreth (10:26 – 13:02): Duster – Echo, Bravo

Nik Stain/Hugo Boserup (13:02 – 15:29): Millencolin – Bullion

Stu Kirst/Nolan Benfield/Cruz Mendez (15:29 -19:55): Pavement – Frontwards

Alex Olson/Vincent Touzery (19:55 – 23:33): Nakel Smith – Warzone

Interlude/Kohlton Ervin (23:33 – 25:52): Huh

Nico Chiat (25:52 – 27:09): Paperboy – Ditty

Cyrus Bennett (27:09 – 31:19): Melvins – Dead Wipe/Melvins – Hex Me

Max Palmer (31:19 – 36:23): The Plugz – Blue Sofa


‘It’s September 17th, the 917 video exists, we can’t keep the joke going forever, but we can wonder if Stu is jealous that Hugo and Nolan have the two best slams in the video.

The best skate videos are the ones that make you smile, and it’s impossible to not smile and giggle your way through this one. Logan is the best and it’s going to be really sad when he flies back to L.A. in an hour.

Happy Birthday Adam Zhu and Colin Sussingham ♥’

(917) 692-2706

CALL ME 917 - THE 917 VIDEO FULL SKATE VIDEO HD (2017) - veganxbones

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