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Twit One / A.U.D.D.A.:

For our first edition of Carhartt WIP Radio in 2020 we warmly welcome back Twit One from Cologne. The producer, dj and Groove Attack record store co-owner is no stranger to our radio program, having already conducted a hip hop show in 2017, consisting of his very own productions under diverse aliases, from Twit One to Tito Wun and Flatpocket as well as collaborations with artists like Flo Mega and Henry Wu.

This time, Twit One introduces Augenringe unter dem dritten Auge Records, abbreviated to A.U.D.D.A., his very own hip hop-and-beyond label. So far his label has featured releases by his long-standing friend Lazy Jones, poet PB Louison, US hip hop producer Kan Kick, Berlin beatsmith Suff Daddy, and other unusual music, like an esoteric swinging ambient tape with yoga instructions, that no other hip hop label would drop. For his Carhartt WIP A.U.D.D.A. Radio show, he has brought some of their music together, to create a musical narrative that also features found spoken word and some yet unfinished, but already thrilling sketches of tunes.

In-between a hectic pre-xmas dj schedule and shortly before his new Testiculo Y Uno album, produced with his friend Hulk Hodn, comes out, Twit One also found some time to chat on the phone with us, giving insight about his label, its philosophy and its future. Check the full feature at


1.: Gerald Astor – Intro

2.: Lazy Jones – Omegaman

3.: Kan Kick – Mighty Winds Control

4.: Muju G. Fear – Augenringo

5.: PB Louison & Twit One – Fruitfly

6.: Testiculo Y Uno – Unterschreiben

7.: Slim – Spring

8.: Twit One – Prütt

9.: 4Trackboy & Echomann – 2010 feat. Lazy Jones & Illoyal

10.: Kankick – Puff 1 For The World

11.: Hubert Daviz – Rolllikadat

12.: Suff Daddy – You Too

13.: Die 3 – Bongo Magic

14.: PB Louison & Twit One – Paisano

15.: Twit One – Flip Flops Im November

16.: Raju – Kayika

17.: 2Trackboy & Echomann – Esmusssosein Intro

18.: Twit One – Flotus Remix Instrumental

19.: Twit One – Willuch

20.: Retrogott – Der Spinner

21.: MC Reiner – Kommt Schon Füsse

Full Article & Interview:

Carhartt WIP Radio January 2020: Twit One A.U.D.D.A. Radio Show | Carhartt WIP

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