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Ed Banger / Busy P:

Before Busy P was Busy P, Pedro Winter was a kid who would skate the streets of Paris, where he was born. He first picked up a skateboard in 1989 and even after his interests and passions had drifted elsewhere, one core skate tenet stuck with him: No matter how many times you fall, the important thing is to get back up and go again. By the time 1995 came, Busy P had gravitated to DJing, with the same mantra guiding what he did, playing oddball sets that clashed rap and electronic music in a way that many considered to be weird.

He started to organize his own dance nights and became part of a creative circle of friends that included artists like Motorbass, Cassius, Etienne De Crecy or Daft Punk – the 18th arrondissement gang that would eventually become global superstars of the “French Touch” movement. As well as his rise as a DJ, Busy P became the manager of Daft Punk in 1996, helping guide the two human robots for twelve years on their voyage from local heroes to, as he put it in the Carhartt WIP 25th anniversary archive book, “the biggest rock stars in the galaxy.”

In 2003 he launched Ed Banger Records, the seminal French label that has housed the likes of Uffie, Justice, Mr Oizo, Breakbot, Feadz, SebastiAn and more recently Myd. Known for its pop-influenced electronic sound, which incorporates elements of hip hop, disco, and electro, the label has constantly pushed genre boundaries.

For Carhartt WIP Radio, Busy P conducted a mix that, in his words, explores the “darker side of the label.” It features under-the-radar gems by producers like Krazy Baldhead, Mr Flash, Zongamin and Borussia, as well as lesser-known tunes by iconic acts like Mr Oizo, Cassius and DJ Mehdi.

We also sat down with Busy P, discussing upcoming Ed Banger Records releases, our uncertain pandemic times, the break-up of Daft Punk, and some things he’s always wanted to do, but hasn’t done yet.

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Carhartt WIP Radio Show #162​ - Ed Banger - Carhartt WIP

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