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Warning: this surfboard review may contain some actual surfing in it. The surfboard in question is the Channel Islands FishBeard, a performance fish designed by Britt Merrick and based loosely on the Neck Beard 2 model. The surfer is Angus Scotney. Rather than just regurgitate the marketing blurb while stroking it fondly, Angus took the board for an actual surf in the controlled conditions of the Test Tub, aka The Wave in Bristol, before making up his mind. The fun-sized runners provided a decent approximation of everyday conditions, while the wave’s mechanical nature meant he could feel the board out with minimal interference from external variables. Fellow Fourth Surfboards team rider Luke Dillon and token intermediate Ben Mondy also feature.

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Channel Islands FishBeard Surfboard Review | The Test Tub | Surfdome

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Surfdome x O'Neill Blue | Cleaning up our oceans with Dave Muir | Surfdome

Surfdome x O’Neill Blue | Cleaning up our oceans with Dave Muir …

Surfdome – Meet Dave Muir – father, surfer, educator, owner of Sennen Surfing Centre, and anti-plastics activist. As a rep for the campaign group Surfers Against Sewage, he organises regular litter picks along Sennen and Gwynver beach, and even incorporates beach cleans and environmental awareness into the surfing lessons he gives. But as he explains in this short film presented by O’Neill Blue and Surfdome, beach cleans are just the start – a way of highlighting the problem, not solving it: “The issue is systemic and it starts at the very top, so politicians and lawmakers need to step up and make a change. Until that change is made we’ll be doing beach cleans for the rest of our lives.”
Surfdome x O’Neill Blue | Dave Muir’s bigger picture | Surfdome

Surfdome x O’Neill Blue | Dave Muir’s bigger picture | Surfdome

Surfdome – Almost everything Dave Muir does revolves around the ocean – it’s where he works, it’s where he plays, it’s where he spends time with his family. That’s why he cares deeply about the ocean’s future, and why lessons at Dave’s surf school tend to stray somewhat from the usual formula. Teaching people how to surf is only one part of the job: “My obligation and my role as a surf coach and a local is to teach them more about the environment. When I’ve got an hour and a half with someone, my job isn’t done unless they go away with the bigger picture.” Presented by O’Neill Blue and Surfdome.

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