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  • Mark Dunning

new things coming from DEEP DISH soon. meanwhile, revisit some old footage.

some of my favorite clips I filmed last year along with clips of me by Jon Schmoldt and one by Mitch Ragusi.

CHICAGO '12-'13 RECUT | Mark Dunning

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Brett Weinstein - "seven" | Mark Dunning

Brett Weinstein – "seven" | Mark Dunning

Mark Dunning – full video: Brett Weinstein from DEEP DISH “seven” Filmed by: Jon Schmoldt and Mark Dunning Edited by: Mark Dunning Music: “MACHO ON COKE” – WestSide Gunn X Mach Hommy “Quick Pay” – No_4mat
SLICE 004 | Mark Dunning

SLICE 004 | Mark Dunning

Mark Dunning – See the full slice here: Includes 70 new photos from Gama. Skaters featured (in order of appearance) Brett Weinstein Nico Rizzo Steffen Watts CJ Kelly Drew Etzkorn Tom Roeder Matt “Gama” Gamalinda George Hanuschak Reggie Colvin Mark Dunning Evan Dittig Zack Fashouer Cooper Winterson WINTER BLUES: this winter sucked. it dragged on. filmed/edited by: Mark Dunning DEEP DISH GOES EAST: bunch a dudes and an iphone go to the east coast filmed by: Brett Weinstein, Matt “Gama” Gamalinda, Steffen Watts, and Tom Roeder edited by: Mark Dunning

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