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Originally released in 2001 on VHS. Re-Released in 2004 as a double DVD together with Damaged.

Featuring Steve Bailey, Pete “the Ox” Colpits, Wade Speyer, Chad Shetler, Eric J., Texas Dan, Ben Tobolski, Crazy Eddit, Punker Matt, Chris Romero, Tony Farmer, Royce Nelson, Neal Hendrix, and way more.

Edited by Dave Amell, Davoud Kermaninejad and Jonathan Hay

Filmed by Jonathan Hay, Dave Amell, Davoud Kermaninejad, Justin Gold, Sean Wood, Lee Charron, Brian Moll, Ben Tobolski, Jim Gingery, Eric Stahl and more.

Music by Zeke, Prevail, ACDC, Monolith, Dwarves, In the Red, Hangman, Funeral, Monolith, Supersuckers, Murder City Devils, Kyuss, and High on Fire.

A few DVDs (Amnesia + Damaged) available at:

Concussion Magazine - Amnesia - ConfusionMagazine

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