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  • Daniel Policelli

“An afternoon with Marc Johnson, Rick Howard and Ty Evans. Filmed and edited by you know who.” Originally uploaded Wednesday, October 22nd, 2003. A prequel to Nice Little Wednesday.

Song: Rise – Public Image Ltd.

“The file above is large (14MB) and it’ll take a little while to download if you have a slow connection. We’re aware of these facts. If you’re one of those people who are on a dialup and who likes to e-mail us every time we post a video clip… please. We know.”

Crailtap - Just A Nice Lil Sunday | Daniel Policelli

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Film/Edit: Daniel Policelli | Instagram: @danielpolicelli Featuring: Harry Brewer – @hbeezer Callum Lang – @callum__lang Christopher Kuitenbrouwer – @christophersbigday Will Cohen – @vchillwill David May – @davidjumpshot Quin Lower – @quinlower Marcangelo DeSordi – @m6rc6ng6lo Steven Hall – @casketnap Mike Alv – @fakiefrontshuv Song: Guilty – Lady Wray Music Supervision: Carl AikensCast: Daniel PolicelliTags: guilty, christie pits, skateboarding, toronto, lady wray, daniel policelli, potatoplop, hpx170, toronto skateboarding and canada skateboarding

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