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Gantry Hill hit me up about a RV trip that involeved a lot of amazing things! Although i have a lot to do especially with the project in the garage i couldn’t say no…Lets just say i got to hang out with Corey Duffle and also see the REDWOOD Forrest…Watch and ENJOY!

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CRAZY RV TRIP!! | MannysWorld

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Los Angeles to San Diego For The Day! | MannysWorld

MannysWorld – Book a TRIP Here —”> After so many trips i was finally home, I realized i had to spend some quality time with Gaba and the opportunity to work with GREYHOUND was just right! We took a day trip down to San Diego which unfolded with ART, Skateboarding, Site Seeing & Food. We created a fun adventure and so can you….. SUBSCRIBE!”>”>”>http://Twitter/MannySlaysAll

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