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Just before winter shut the curtains on outdoor sessions, Eniz Fazliov grabbed a fresh set of Super Juice and hit a couple hot laps around Helsinki. Rain or shine, smooth and crust, Super Juice will keep you rolling.

Learn More About Mini Super Juice and OJ Wheels Here:

MINI SUPER JUICE! No risers needed! 55mm, 78a Mini Super Juice is here to blaze through all terrains and crust. Mini Super Juice is a slimmed down version of OJ’s ultra-tough Super Juice. The mini shape features a reinforced core and completely redesigned chip-resistant shape, all on OJs’ classic ultra buttery urethane. Cop a set and hit the crust! | #OJWheels

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Cruisin' through the CRUST | Day in Helsinki with Eniz Fazliov | OJ Wheels

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