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12 steaming helmets carved their way to Denmark via private jet with the intention of enjoying uprated Tuborgs and riding bikes into space… As well as enjoying prat spinach in an edible form and of course the company of Rick Wicked (Skinny aka Chav Dan). Some actual skateboard stunts did occur…and thankfully there was a crack team of CRV-WKD media on stand 24 hours a day  by Tidy Mike and Diesel Mike!… Big up TIDY MIKE for assembling the finest of motion pictures, that already holds some nostalgia within this wonderful community of featured pillocks… Carve on Brothers! Featuring Jake Collins, Sam Pulley, Chav Dan, Dannie Carlsen, Nicky Guerrero, Ken Danzig, Tom Bailey, Ben Morris aka Beemo, John Coppen aka Beanhead, Kev Passion Barry, Mental Will Folly, Diesel Mike and Bobby Sonders.

CRV WKD x FORE-CAST - Tidy Mike's Magical Danish Adventure | Vague Skate Mag

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Hiroki Muraoka - Third Shift - Traffic Skateboards | Vague Skate Mag

Hiroki Muraoka – Third Shift – Traffic Skateboards | Vague…

Vague Skate Mag – Subscribe here: We’re proud to present Hiroki Muraoka’s part in Traffic Skateboards’ new full length video ‘Third Shift’. Watch Hikori’s swift feet grace the streets of Tokyo and the East Coast. To accompany the release of his part we have interviewed the filmers of ‘Third Shift’ John Valenti and Pat Stiener as well as Hiroki Muraoka himself. Read it here: Buy the Traffic Skateboards ‘Third Shift’ full length in physical form here: Filmed by: John Valenti, Pat Stiener and Yosuke Maruyama Edited by: Pat Stiener
Eddie Belvedere - Cornwellian | Vague Skate Mag

Eddie Belvedere – Cornwellian | Vague Skate Mag

Vague Skate Mag – Subscribe here: There are people in the UK scene who have always been prevalent, whether it’s constant photos, video parts or just seeing someone charging, flying skateboarding for the skateboarding flag with no intention of letting it half mast anytime soon! Eddie is one of those characters, someone I’ve always admired since seeing him skate well into the night, no camera just pure skate 16 or so years ago. Since then it seems nothing in his ethos towards skating has changed, still fast, powerful and a joy to watch! This part was filmed during lockdown in Cornwall in a small crew with Matt Hunt on filming duties and Leo Sharp shooting photos which can be seen in his interview for Issue 17 of the mag (get hold of it here: Enjoy Cornwellian above. So much love and respect for Eddie!

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