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  • Curb Skateshop Gent

Curb Skatecamp is all about Skating, Meeting New People and Having Fun!

Here is what we did with during week 4 last Summer in August!


1. Kaz Debruyne

2. Jitse Zwysen

3. Jasper De Groeve

4. Jules Compernolle

5. Julien Compernolle

6. Billie Vankeersbilck

7. Flor Van Den Bossche

8. Floris De Kind

9. Jakob Messiaen

10. Milan Ruiz

11. Loeka lievens

12. Warre weemaels

13. Ferre vercauteren

14. Jaques moussiaux

15. Vandenberghe rutger

16. Broekaert gijs

17. Tuur detant

18. Vince gillo

19. Joos Van Dyck

20. Lucas Van Den Bosch

21. Daan Simal

22. Basiel van hoorebeke

23. Jules de boever

24. Willem van tornhaut

25. Alexander van mulders

26. Jef keymeulen

27. Mathis de schuymer

28. Bram voets

29. Leander Maris

30. Aico Van Paemelen

31. Frits Van Assche

32. Storm Barzcuk

33. Nathan Sergeant




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CURB SKATECAMP: WEEK 4, 2019 | Curb Skateshop Gent

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