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adidas Skateboarding kicks off 2018 with our new Das Days event series. In April, the greater Los Angeles community came together to take part in adidas through art, music, and skateboarding. A pop up community center located on LA’s Fairfax Ave served as the hub for all creators to explore what adidas Skateboarding represents to them.

From Block Party to Makers Lab, Showcase X to City Copa, Das Days provides the opportunity to interact with adidas’ team riders, ambassadors, and friends. Watch the video for a glimpse, and read below to find out who was in attendance.

Featured events:

– Das Days Launch Party featuring the PDX Makers Lab. In attendance was Nora Vasconcellos, Felipe Gustavo, Kevin White, Lil’ Dre and more.

– Nine Club Live with special guests including Diego Najera, Daewon Song, Nora Vasconcellos, Giovanni Reda, Salman Agah from Pizzanista, DJ Chavez from Kingswell, Dom Deluca from Brooklyn Projects.

– Block Party featured Chief Keef, Lil Gnar, Yung Gleesh and Retch & Germ. Hosted by Queen Bobby Pin, Block Party premiered Diego Najera’s new adidas Skateboarding video, “ADELANTE”.

– The Skate Trivia Night was brought to us by the crew at Useless Wooden Knowledge.

– The Speaker Series featured Colin Kennedy, Sam Muller, and Giovanni Reda.

– Showcase X curated by Shepard Fairey featured art work from Sebo Walker, Zorah Olivia, Stella Reynolds, Oscar Meza, Andres Alfonso, Evan Mendel, and Shane Aukland.

– City Copa lasted two-days long, and was in collaboration with our partners at Kinsgwell Los Feliz and Brooklyn Projects. Notable skateboarders who rolled through included Diego Najera, Zach Saraceno, Kevin White, Chad Muska, TJ Rogers, Jafin Garvey, and so many more.

Das Days Los Angeles - adidas Skateboarding

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