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  • DGK

DGK squad stops by Pharmacy and takes over Cherry Park in Long Beach for Saved by Skateboarding.

DGK - Saved by Skateboarding - Long Beach | DGK

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DGK x Ryan Gee | DGK

DGK x Ryan Gee | DGK

DGK – DGK is proud to collaborate with Ryan Gee, one of the original photographers instrumental in bringing the Love Park movement to the forefront of skateboarding. He was responsible for many of Stevie and Kalis’ most memorable moments as he established himself as the most infamous photographer on the East Coast. Ryan Gee’s contribution to the Love Park story will be remembered forever through his iconic photography. This deck & postcard are limited to 300 pieces. Shop DGK x Ryan Gee:


DGK – New Dane Vaughn “Drippy” deck available now: #dgk

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